What is Kifood?

Kifood contains over 100 organic vegetarian ingredients: seeds, grains, dried fruit and vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms, pollen, herbs and spices.

Seeds and grains are its main ingredients.

Since ancient times it has been known that seeds and grains

are extremely nutritious and provide high energy.

Kifood contains no preservatives, colourings or other artificial additives

Eros quaestio explicari ut per. No quo amet necessitatibus, sit ei putent appetere.

Naturally organic

All Kifood’s ingredients are organically produced except algae and Himalayan salt.

Kifood has not been exposed to high temperatures

Any natural food when exposed to high temperature loses most or all of its high energy and its natural properties are reduced. The more food is processed the less nutritious it becomes and the less vitality it provides.

Additive free

Additives are used to modify the physical properties of foods and make them more attractive for consumers. They are also used to artificially extend their shelf life and to reduce production costs.

Commitment to the environment

Organic farming strives for a balance with nature, using methods and materials that are of low impact to the environment. It does not use synthetic chemicals nor genetically modified organisms.

It aims to obtain maximum nutritional quality of food.

High energy

Kifood’s ingredients are not exposed to high temperature and thus maintain their natural properties.

The fast paced life that we lead today requires that we care more about the quality of the food we eat.Eating and feeding are not the same. When we eat, we do not always nourish our bodies.

Seeds, grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc.., are some of the foods we should eat daily to be nourished and have vitality.

Seeds are the source of life.

A tiny seed is a living being. It contains so much life force and nutrients that it creates a new life. For that reason, seeds are excellent food for our body, especially when they are eaten raw. When they are heated, they lose their vital energy and most of their nutritional value.